For Your Reborn Dolls

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Extra strong magnets.

Magnets used in pairs: 1 in doll head & 1 in modified pacifier. Or, 1 inside body plate & 1 on bottom of umbilical cord, etc. Some of the strongest magnets made. Care should be taken around magnetic media, such as computers, floppy discs, etc.  Caution should be exercised around people with pace makers.

(Two Pair) 4 for $1.99

Genuine Hospital Blanket
39" X 32" soft flannel

Same blanket that hospitals use for newborn babies.

$5.99 each


For rooting hair 

38 Gauge

12 for $4.80

100 for $40.00


Size: 1-3/4" X 3/4" high
Record Baby Sounds and place inside your reborn!
(press center button to activate sound)
Can be recorded over and over with messages, heartbeat sound, baby sounds, etc.
Batteries & Instructions Included

Baby Fat Pellets

Baby fat pellets, (about the size of poly pellets)
Opaque White

$7.00 per Pound

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