Roads are really bad.

Here they call a "roof" a "ruff", and a "cola" a "pop". They serve "cheese curds", which is a small ball of cheese, battered and fried.

They have a grocery store chain called "Rainbow". A frozen yogurt chain called "Culver's" that serves delicious frozen custard and "butter burgers".

Most all of the Minnesota campgrounds do not believe in sewage connections at your campsite! They are scarce as hen's teeth!


Roads are extremely bad, I assume from all the freezing temps here in the midwest.

Roads have names like "MM", "BB", "NN", etc.

Seen several wind farms.

Saw 2 actual Roadrunners! Both crossed the road in front of my RV within less than 1/4 mile of each other. They look exactly like the cartoon roadrunner character!