1987 Barefoot Children

Winner of 1987 Dolls of Excellence.

26 inch Fatou is a 9 year old girl from Senegal with black hair in ringlets, pulled back at the sides. Known as Fatou IV, she wears a white linen dress with white ribbons in her afro-style hair. Said to be the highest priced on secondary market of all Barefoot Children Series of dolls.

1987 Barefoot Children

Kathe is a pouty lipped, 26", sitting doll. She represents a 5 year old girl from Germany who told Annette she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. The Barefoot Children were her *first* vinyl series of dolls and were distributed by the Mattel Toy Company.

Kathe has an auburn human hair wig and eye lashes. Her auburn hair is braided and the braids are curled into a bun shape on each side of her head. Her glass eyes are blue. She is wearing a teal green dress with a gray, stripe patterned pinafore over it. Her feet are bare. Produced in three versions. This Kathe is from the third version.

She comes with original hangtag, Certificate of Authenticity, unused Registration Certificate, and *booklet*. Has original doll box, which is in very good condition, and original shipping box. According to the Schwatlo book: "this doll's value is rising; a doll in demand."

1996 Barefoot Children

Paula is a 7 year old girl with long, free-flowing, dark brown, human hair wig with bangs, and brown eyes. She is 26" tall with slightly bent legs and can either sit or stand. She wears a light-beige eyelet dress.

1990 Fiene and the Barefoot Babies

Mo is a 1 year old African/American baby. He is a 22" sitting doll. Has a soft, curly, black human hair wig, dark brown eyes, and full parted lips. He is dressed in a white, cotton, dotted swiss, baby romper.

Soft suede-like material bodies are stuffed with weighted pellets. Feels like a real baby.

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